2 months down... 3 to go |Deployment

I apologises that this post is very late going up. I wanted to keep a log/ dairy of this deployment so that one day I could look back, see what we got up too, and maybe laugh at all the things that went wrong!

Here is what happened Middle/end of November till just before Christmas day.

So its been a relatively good month illness wise, we have haven't had too many and hopefully coming the other side of it. My nan came to visit for the week to come and celebrate my birthday ( last year of my 20's) I managed to go out with a friend on my birthday and it was really nice to just be "me" for a few hours, I think every parent needs that me time especially when you are doing it alone.

Elise was in her school nativity as a star and they performed a little dance and it was adorable, and following on from that she completed her first RAD Ballet exam and passed with flying colours. She is so excited to move u to the next class. Once she broke up from school we headed back "home" to celebrate Christmas. It felt very strange packing everything up and knowing rich wouldn't be there to celebrate with us.

But heading back home was great because I had some hands on help from family and support. It can feel a little lonely and isolated when your on your own so it felt good to be home. We were lucky enough to go and see two pantomimes which the children loved and brought back fond memories of  my childhood, going to the same theatre I did as a child at Christmas time.

I even managed to escape to IKEA alone! It was bliss! I only went in for a couple of photo frames and a candle, but well...im sure you can guess....I came out with a trolley full of crap I didn't need, boxes of flat pack furniture and a rug...ooops.

So all in all its been a pretty good month. without sounding like the Grinch I'm looing forward to getting Christmas out the way and seeing the new year in so we can tick off another month!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New year

Thanks for reading


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