LeapFrog Scoop and Learn Ice Cream Cart Review*

We have been big fans of LeapFrog toys since my eldest who is now 8 was a baby. Their toys are not only colourful and interactive but a great learning tool to aid in their development. So when LeapFrog got in touch to ask if Olivia and I would like to be a part of their LeapFrog Play Panel we were so excited and jumped at the opportunity.

First up on our review list is the Scoop and Learn Ice cream cart and not only has Olivia enjoyed this toy, and so have the whole family.

The Ice cream cart helps with their core developing skills such as, Memory skills, Sequencing and learning their colours. The cart has a till and order cards and when the cards are placed in the till, it will read out your order. With the use of the magic scoop listen to what the order was and follow along. Helping them to remember sequences and with their memory. Every card is differnt giving them lots of different orders for them to put together. Olivia isn't quite there with using the cards for there intended purpose but already she is learning to use the scoop, switch on the cart and use the cards in the till. So I have no doubt in the coming months as she gets older she will be able to follow along with the carts instructions.

Olivia has been using the cart for about a month now and I can already see her learning new skills and figuring out how things work and listening to the carts sounds and songs. Her favourite is too push the cart along and hear it sing and to hand out the ice creams to us all. She seems to favour the pink flavour when left to select her own ice cream.

The cart includes 6 order cards which are double sided and each one has a different order for you child to follow. There are three levels that your child can build up too and lots of variety of orders for them to follow. I really like this feature and it makes learning so much fun and they don't even realise they are learning valuable life skills. Did I mention its really fun too?

With over 20 ingredients of learning fun this ice cream cart will give your child hours of fun.
As I mentioned above this cart has been fun for all the family , particularly my elder to children who are 5 and 8. Its been so lovely to watch them all play and interact with each other and to see them help Olivia with her ice cream orders. Its hard to find a toy or game that they can all get involved with because of their ages, but tis cart is perfect for getting them all involved.

The Scoop and Learn ice cream cart gets a huge 10 out of 10 from Olivia and I. Fun for all the family, a really sweet idea, colourful and interactive with learning key skills, what is not to love!?

To purchase the ice cream cart for your little one click here.

* The ice-cream cart was sent to me in exchange for a review. All words, views and opinions are my own.

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