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Military life is no picnic. As a wife to a serving member of the armed forces I can tell you just how difficult it can be. It can be unpredictable, lonely, frustrating and at times you can feel quite isolated, having to spend, days, weeks even  months apart from your loved one . While this is difficult for any person to handle, it is even harder for military children.

Thanks to modern technology, the majority of the time they are away we are able too keep in touch via, whats app, facebook and text. But for children these forms of communication are not usually possible as they are to young to understand and have the means to do this. My husband is currently on a 5 month deployment and before he left we were told about "story book waves". A recorded audio book service that enabled my husband to record himself reading a book so that our children could play them whilst he was away. I have been asked by Story book waves to share with you all my thoughts on these books and what they have meant to us as a family.

To say these books have helped my children just wouldn't do this service justice. This recorded story has helped comfort my children on many nights when it has all got abit much and all they want is "daddy". Hearing his voice and Including him in our bedroom routine, which is something he would do when he is home, has been invaluable. It makes them feel closer to their dad and has especially helped during those weeks where phone calls have been few and far between.

I can not recommend this service to fellow military families enough. I think it is a fantastic idea and one that has helped my children more than I could have hoped for. Its amazing how a simple recording of a story can make a child's day and help them sleep that bit better at night time.
Without Story book waves I am certain my children would have found this deployment even harder.

While you cant beat having Daddy home to read the bedtime stories, this is by far the next best thing and I cant thank the people who set this service up enough.

To find out more details on this service please click here.

Thank you for reading and please share with anyone that you think it may help.

Natasha x

*all views and opinions are my own and I would recommend a product/service if I didn't use it myself.


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