3 months down.... 2 to go| Deployment

So we made it through Christmas and new year. why I tried to make the best of it and remain positive it still didn't feel like Christmas without Rich. The children understood more than I realised and really sobbed for their dad on Christmas eve which was heart breaking. We had a lovely time celebrating with family and we were all spoilt, but there's nothing like waking up in your own home and have your family complete.

Thanks to the powers of technology we managed to skype him so he could watch the children open presents. Why it wasnt the Christmas I imagined for this year, it was still lovely and I'm so grateful to my nan for having us and hosting. We caught up with lots of friends and family and we headed back home just before new years eve. I'm not big on new year I never have been. I think its over rated and I would rather sit in watching a film with a takeaway. This year I did pretty much that and headed to bed before midnight, I know rock and roll lifestyle I'm leading.

With 2016 finally out of the way I was so pleased to start a fresh. 2017 was the year rich was home and we would be going on our first family holiday abroad! Within the first week of January I booked our holiday to florida, brought my beautiful new camera, the Olympus pen ep 17 and started to plan our yearly holiday to centre parcs.

I headed back home once again to celebrate my cousin baby shower that I had helped organise. Her journey to becoming a mum hasn't been easy and she deserved the best shower. We decided on a "Bee" theme and it was a lovely afternoon.

Now that new year and the baby shower was out the way I started to feel a little deflated. we were a week or so away from reaching the "half way mark" and I felt I hit a wall. Feeling pretty fed up. I felt as though I was hiking up a hill and I was almost at the top where I would be able to see the other side, but it felt like I was stuck just before I reached the hump in the hill. Connecting with other wives in the same situation has really helped and I hae formed new friendships which is one of the main things that will get you through a deployment. having like minded people around you who "get it ".

To lift my spirits even more, I found out rich had a few days off abroad and families could fly out to see them if they wish. With my mum able to have the children so that I could go for 3 nights, I decided to book to go with a friend so we could surprise the husbands. It felt like winning the golden ticket to Charlie's chocolate factory! I wouldn't normally have done it but it was such a good opportunity for myself and rich to have a mini holiday, one that we havent had in over 6 years, it would have been silly not to take the chance when I had child care sorted and crazy cheap flights and hotel to get me there! I'm so excited for this holiday, its just what the doctor ordered!

But we have crossed that half way line and the end is in sight and its positivity all the way!

Thanks for reading

Natasha x

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