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Hello!!! I am back! I took a bit of a break from blogging and vlogging. I hadn't intended too but everything got a little too much and something had to give. So if you only read my blog and don't follow my social media pages you might not know what's been going on, so I'm here to fill you i

Firstly we move house about 3 weeks ago. when they say moving is one of the most stressful things you will ever do they are not lying. Our move was quite a quick move so it made it even more stressful as we didn't have much time in between 2 children and working for us to start packing and going through our things. But we are finally in and almost sorted and its slowly starting to feel like home. Its a bigger home and why I didn't want to initially move, I'm so pleased we did. It was a local move so not much else changed so that's great.

We now have a new addition to our family, Maximus, our gorgeous 9 week old Labrador puppy. Yes I am fully aware that I am bat s+%t crazy getting a puppy two days are we moved house, but its just the way it worked with the breeder and when the puppy's were born. We got him from such a highly recommended breeder and had been on her waiting list for nearly 2 years and we felt now was the best time. With a 2 year old, a 4 year old and a puppy it is more than a little manic but he is slotting in to our family and we love him a lot...except when he pees on my sideboard!!!

As if all that wasn't stressful enough, my anxiety has reared its ugly head. It often flares up during stressful times and I've had some personal things going on that are not really my issues to share so apologies if I seem vague. I have felt very overwhelmed and it seems everything has happened all at once and I cant catch a break. I haven't felt myself and the stress has caused me some health problems. I noticed I was falling back in to old habits, bad habits, when my anxiety was at its worse and I knew if I didn't nip it in the bud now and make some changes it was only going to spiral down hill. I will do a separate post on the changes I've been making. But everything is getting better day by day and I'm trying to get back in to the swing of just general life and get back to blogging and vlogging which I love so much. It means the world to me when I get comments and messages from people saying how much they enjoy my blogs and vlogs and its really helped them. Its those reasons I want to keep going and its nice to have an outlet too.

I have some exciting things lined up over the coming months on my blog and you tube channel, so I cant wait to share those with you all. Thank you to everyone who sent a message or wrote a comment whilst I was MIA, it really meant so much to me.

Thank you for reading



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