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Often everyday life as a parent is busy and chaotic. We never know what the day will throw Our way and some days it feels like one big roller coaster of emotions. We often remember the "big moments", first steps, first holidays, first words and often forget the everyday moments. But when we stop and take a moment we realise its all the "little moments" that make parenting special.

Channel mum and Cadbury buttons asked me to share with you all, three of my favourite special moments of shared joy with my daughter Elise. I, like so many other parents, am guilty of rushing through the days and not taking a moment to always notice and appreciate all those little moments that we often take for granted because they are the  "everyday moments". But its those moments that make being a parent what it is. Its the cuddles before bedtime, the "I love you mummy", snuggling up watching your favourite Disney movie, enjoying a walk to the park or the joy on there face when they master a skill you have been teaching them for weeks. those are the precious moments that make being a parent so special.


We would love to hear all about your precious Shared moments with your children. Click on the video for details on how to share your precious moments and have a chance to win a camera and a box of Cadbury buttons.

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