The ordinary moments

The ordinary moments in our lives tend to pass us by without a second thought. We seem to capture the "big" moments on film, on paper and in our minds, but what about the everyday, ordinary moments?!? The simple sofa snuggles, the late night chats with your partner/loved ones, the giggles from your playing children or that everyday walk to the playground.

I am linking up with the fabulous Katie from mummy,daddy and me on her "ordinary moments" link. If you haven't read her blog it's a must. You can read all about her beautiful familyHere .Katie has a way of capturing these "ordinary moments" and expressing them in such a way that will be so lovely to look back on in years to come. 10/20 years time I don't want to just remember the bad moments or the big achievements. I want to remember the small, the everyday...the ordinary moments.

So to start off the first week I am sharing the little mummy daughter date I had yesterday with Elise. As I mentioned in my goals for 2016 post, which you can read Here. I wrote how I wanted to spend more one on one time with Elise . Now that she is at school our alone time is few and far between. Of course we get time each day to speak about her day and do her homework and read a story,but it's usually caught up with me juggling the dinner,prepping school bags and tidying up the house with a 1 year old hanging off me. So to take a couple of hours out, away from the house with my big girl was something we both needed.

We went to a local breakfast bistro where they do the most amazing pancakes. We sat and chatted about school, her upcoming ballet show and how yummy the pancakes were. Whilst we were eating she said "mummy I really like coming out for pancakes with you without daddy and Charlie, can we come again". Those words meant the world to me.

To know she was enjoying our one on one time as much as me meant the world. After pancakes we went for a stroll round the town and did abit of shopping. Of course like most 4 year olds her limit for shopping lasted all of half hour and she started to get get abit whingy. So we headed back home. We didn't do anything extravagant and it may of only been a couple of hours but that time spent just the two of us was so lovely, I can't wait to do it again. 

I hope you have liked my first #ordinarymoments and will join me each week for my instalments.

Thanks for reading.

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