The ordinary moments #2

Hello and welcome to my second instalment of "ordinary moments". It should be my third and I've been quiet this past week on my blog due to having a tummy bug and settling Charlie in to nursery **sobs**

So this week is all about the little man in my life. My Charlie. He is the sweetest and cheekiest little boy I have ever known. Of course I am biased because I am his mummy but he really is. I often just sit and watch him play and interact with his sister, thinking how quickly he is growing. 

This past week he has begun his settling in sessions at nursery and I couldn't be prouder. Charlie has always been a "mummy's boy", any oppurtunity to hang off me, be carried or have snuggles on the sofa he would grab it. But recently I have noticed he is coming in to his own and growing more confident and not needing or wanting me to be glued by his side. We felt nursery would bring him out of his shell even more and allow him to play and interact with other children. Me being the overprotective, worrying mother felt he might not be ready and it's too soon, but really I know it's too soon for me. He is only going one day to start with just like Elise did (at the same nursery) but I can't help but feel slightly redundant. We went along to the nursery and without hesitation he got stuck in playing with the other children and happily went off with the staff members outside. We are so fortunate where we live to have beautiful country surroundings and the nursery is set on a small "farm" so the children can visit the animals which I love. 

As sad as I was to walk away and leave him there I couldn't be happier and prouder of how well he adapted to the nursery setting. He threw a big old tantrum when I had to collect him, because he loved it so much, which actually made the decision to start him at nursery a whole lot easier. Now with a whole day to myself I know I will feel a little lost but I'm sure I will find a way to fill my time...perhaps baby number 3!?!?! 

No matter his age he will forever be my baby boy. This is the first of many milestones in his life and as sad as I am that he is no longer a tiny baby I can't wait to watch him grow in to a wonderful young man.

Thank you for reading my ordinary moment I would love to hear yours!

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