10 things I appreciate more now I'm a mum

Motherhood! It really is a wonderful experience that nothing and no one can prepare you for. You have gone from a care free individual to a person who is responsible for another life, and who's role it is to adhere to this tiny beings every beck and call. It's only once you become a mother that you suddenly have a new found appreciation for the small things in life. I'm not talking about the sound of the bird, long walks and how lovely the sun shines through the trees. I'm talking about the important stuff!  The stuff that helps make motherhood abit more bearable when you are lucky enough to experience them.

Here are my 10 things I now appreciate more now I'm a mum.

1. Drinking a hot cup of tea/ coffe. The joy of sitting down with a hot beverage and actually drinking it whilst it's still hot is only something a mum will understand.

2. A (uninterrupted) bubble bath. Soaking in a hot bubble bath surrounded by candles (and a glass of wine or that hot cup of tea) is the stuff dreams are made of. To a busy mum this can feel as good as a day at the spa.

3.snot,sick, crushed food free clothes. Walking out your house dressed in clothing that doesn't have any of the previous embedded on you somewhere , makes you feel like a normal, functioning member of society. You feel like you again when you haven't got a waft of baby sick every time  the wind blows through your hair, or you look down and you don't have jam hand prints on your legs from your children's grubby breakfast hands.

4. Peeling alone....who wants an audience!

5. Listening to the radio in the car. Being able to listen to the radio and actually hearing something other than frozen, Mr tumbles party mix or now that's what I call Disney, is nothing short of a miracle. I'm a big Disney fan but there is only so much anyone can take.

6. Trips to the supermarket alone. Waking down the asile of the supermarket without a toddler trying to pull a hudini act to get out of the seat whilst desperately  trying to feed him milk bar buttons to bribe him to stay put, and either chasing your 4 year old down that same aisle or telling her not to touch every bloody item on the shelf, is something every mother dreams of. Super market shopping with kids in tow can be one of the most stressful outings (well and soft play but that's another blog post) so the chance to go alone is amazing!!!

7. Using your own handbag. To be able to take a bag out with you that doesn't have nappies, wipes, toys or crushed up food at the bottom of it, makes you feel like that care free person you were before the days you had to carry round a suitcase full of your children's parafanlier, because if you don't you know that will be the day something happens and you forgot that one item that would have saved the day.

8. Eating your own food. Let's face it no one likes to share their food but those little hands find a way to make it on your plate and steal your food, yet they arnt interested in their own even though it's the same. 

9. A night out!! A night out! Now it doesn't even have to be a wild and crazy night. Just going to a friends for that hot cup of tea and a plate of food that you know you can eat without sharing fills you with joy. It can re charge your battery's so you are ready to take on the following day. A few hours to yourself or with friends "child free" can just lift your mood. 

And finally...

10. Sleep!!! There isn't a mother in the land who doesn't appreciate a good, full nights sleep. I thought I knew tiredness but this is tiredness on a whole knew level and you often wonder how you actually manage to function on just a few hours sleep.

As much as I appreciate all the above if and when I get the chance to experience them, I wouldn't change being a mum for the world and I think all mothers would agree.

Thank you for reading and I would love to know what you appreciate more now that you are a mum.

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