Dettol Care For Your Bear Campaign

As a mummy of two I know all to well just  how dirty and grubbing our little darlings can get. I feel more than half of my day revolves around wilpeing dirty faces and sticky hands and cleaning up spills. Im sure I'm not the first to admit that we don't stop to think about our children's toys, but not just any toys. I'm talking about teddy bears and comforters.

Unless the are visibly dirty, my children have been sick or they have been dropped in a puddle they rarely get the deep clean they probably so desperately need. 

I have teamed up with Dettol for their "Care for your Bear campaign". This campaign focuses and highlights the importance of cleaning your child's cuddly toys. 

After looking at the results above I am truly shocked at just how much bacteria is carried on our children's most pride procession. I am constantly worrying about catching colds and sickness bugs, and avoiding people who have been poorly or local soft plays for the fear of catching something, but rarely do I stop to think just how much bacteria my children's toys are carrying. It's worrying to think that 1 in 5 teddies have never been washed and that 3/4 of teddies arnt washed after illness, even minor ones like the common cold. After reading this I will certainly be making more of an effort to prise those comforters out of my children's hands for a much needed wash.

Here are some ways you can "care for your bear".

Dettol are encouraging parents and children to get involved with the "care for your bear" campaign. All you need to do is share your pictures of your teddy/comforters on the dettol care for your bear Twitter page @dettolteddy and using #careforyourbear. Entrants will automatically be in with a chance to win a dettol antibacterial laundry cleanser.

Thanks so much for reading. I'm off to wash all the teddies!


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