Baby number 3?

I'm not sure if it's just me but doesn't it seem there are newborn babies everywhere! Each week there seems to be a new pregnancy announcement, scan photos or birth announcements posted on social media, and it's got me thinking will I be having baby number 3!?

If you follow me on social media or have been reading my blog you will know that I am mum to Elise and Charlie. To many people I am classed as having the "ideal family" one girl and one boy. I've been told I have the perfect "pigeon pair" the ideal family or one that I took slight offence to, being called a member of the "smug club" this was an expression I had never heard of, in no way do I feel "smug" that I have been lucky enough to have both genders. If I had two girls or two boys would people naturally assume I would go for baby number 3 for a specific gender? If I'm honest I have assumed that and it's only since people have assumed I won't be having anymore children that I've realised that that's isn't always the case.

Truth be told I wanted two girls! I Always wanted a sister and I hoped to have given Elise one. Of course I would not change my little Charlie for the world. I am fully aware just how lucky I am to experience being a mother to a boy and a girl, and for this reason, most People naturally assume I do not want anymore children, and to be honest I'm not sure either way.

I will hold my hands up and admit I am incredibly broody. Looking at bump photos and holding a newborn baby with that gorgeous  smell...don't get me started on that newborn smell. It's enough to make me want to rival britains largest family. However with having children comes the cost and the practicalities of it all. For us a third baby would mean of the children having to share a room, possibly upgrading to a bigger car since car seats seem to be getting bigger and bigger. The majority of holidays and days out are focused on 2 adults, 2 children and then theirs the cost. Another mouth to feed and body to clothe. Being pregnant, giving birth ,sleepless nights, the endless nappy changes, do I really want to do it all again? 

But then I look at it from another point of view. Most of the above I have mentioned are material things. Holidays and days out would still happen, it just might take a little longer to save. Sharing a room is not the end of the world and the way the world is growing I'm convinced the whole "2 adults, 2 children" thing will one day be gone. The idea of having another child is something I have been thinking a lot about. I am one of three and I always thought I would follow suite and have three of my own. 

There is nothing more special than to watch my children bond and play, so how could adding another to that be such a terrible thing? The sleepless nights won't last, my body would recover just like it has twice before and those nappy changing days arnt forever. If having two children has taught me anything it's that time goes past so quickly. Each phase passes in a blink of an eye, and it's only now that I'm debating if my child baring days are over, that I realise just how wonderful bringing a new life in to the world is and that I probably didn't appreciate certain moments the way I should have. Those are some of the reasons for wanting another. To truly appreciate every moment because I know oh to well how quickly those moments will go.

I will not be announcing a pregnancy anytime soon but I am becoming more and more keen on the idea, the husband just needs some more convincing! If it does happen it will be a wonderful thing, but if it doesn't, I am aware of just how lucky I am to have two beautiful, healthy children and I will continue to enjoy every moment with them.

If you are a parent of 3 or more children I would love to hear from you. Leave me a comment below. I would like to know how you adjusted from 2-3. Also to the parents of 2 children, how do you feel about having a 3rd? 

Thank you for reading.


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