Getting your baby in to a bedtime routine

Getting your baby it to a bedtime routine can be relatively easy. The key (for me anyway) is to start early on. However don't expect too much from your baby in the early days. I found getting Charlie in to a routine far easier than Elise because he just slotted in to the routine I had with her.

I'm not saying to start on day one when you leave the hospital and expect your baby to go with it. Enjoy those precious early days cuddling and bonding with your baby. You will know when the time is right for you and your family to implement a bedtime routine that works for you. Here is how I got my children in to a bedtime routine.

From around a few weeks old we started the 3 B's BATH,BOTTLE,BED! Or BREAST if you are breast feeding.Both of mine got in to the habit of having a bottle around 7pm. So 6 pm would be bath time and it has remained that way 4 years on. I've always allowed a good hour so that bath time isn't rushed, as I feel it's a crucial part of the "winding down" process and getting them relaxed for bedtime. This hour would allow me to bath and dry and change them and then have time to prepare their bottle.

The "last feed" as I liked to call it was always done in a quiet and low lit room. The plug in night lights are ideal for this. Once they had finished feeding I would lay them in there bed and turn on either their cot mobile for a soothing song or some white noise just to settle and comfort them. We have been using Ewan the dream sheep with Charlie and it's been fantastic.( I will do a separate blog post reviewing this soon.)

The Moses basket was kept in the lounge with us u till we went to bed till they were around 2 months old. We then imoved the basket to our bedroom. We have always used baby monitors and breathing sensor pads so I felt comfortable enough leaving them in a separate room to me until I went to bed. 

They would then not normally wake until there next feed, or until of course they grew out of the night feeds and that would then be them asleep until 6/7am.

My advice would be to not expect to much from your baby straight away. If they cry, cuddle and comfort them. They will soon fall in to the routine. The key is consistency. Once they understand the routine they will know what to expect and will naturally go with it. But until the day you feel is the day to implement the bedtime routine, enjoy those late night cuddles with your little bundle.

If you are a new mum or have been struggling to get your baby in to a routine I hope this has been helpful. Let me know in the comments how you got your little ones in to a good bedtime routine.

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