Mummy Guilt

Mummy guilt....all mothers have it. But what we feel guilty about varies yet unites us all.

As mothers we naturally want what's best for our children and what one person feels is right for them, isn't nessacerily right for someone else. Our personal choices shouldn't be judge by others because they are just that...personal! 

My personal guilts have included being a working mummy, being a stay at home mummy, Brest feeding, not breast feeding. Feeding baby jarred food or all organic home made food. Am I spending enough time with them, and I letting them be independent enough, am I teaching then to behave correctly, is my house clean and tidy enough, the list goes on! And with celebrities in magazines and photos on Social media of people posting there seemingly "perfect lives" it's hard not to feel like you arnt keeping up or making good decisions.

But truth be told 9 times out of 10 we are getting it right but it just doesn't feel it. I went back to work part time after having Elise and due to my anxiety and other circumstances I gave up work and stayed at home for 2 years. I felt abit disconnected from the world and felt I was loosing a little part of myself and I felt guilty for that. Here I was lucky enough to be in a position to stay at home with my children and I was unhappy. I felt I was such a bad mum for feeling this way because I should be enjoying every second of it. But let's face it motherhood is blooming hard work!! So I now work part time. I work every other weekend,  so it works out around 1 day a week. To some that may seem pointless and stupid but for me and my personal circumstances and my family dynamic it's perfect. For me I now have a happy work / life balance and who knows it could all change in a year or two.   

My point to this blog post is that I see and read so many mums feeling guilty for the daily decisions they make and mainly about working. I know for some mothers it isn't an option they have to work but know that you are doing it for your children. Your not a bad mum if you don't breast feed your children or you do or you feed them jarred food and your house is abit untidy. Like I said what works for one family won't work for someone else's. 
Thank you so much for reading and I hope this has made some mums out there feel a little less "guilty".


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