Munchkin miracle cup

I had heard a lot about these cups and how great they were so I wanted to see what the fuss was all about. I must say I am very impressed!

The miracle cup is fab! It prepares your little ones for drinking from a standard cup, but without the dangers of spilling...amazing!! Charlie has just turned 17 months and it took him just a few hours to get to grips with it and now it's his favourite cup and he is actually drinking more.

How it works

They lift the cup to there mouth and as they press down on the silicone rim of the cup the water free flows. I tested it myself and minimal effort is needed for the water to flow, so it's really easy for your baby to use. I wish I had introduced this cup sooner.

These cups start from 6 months + and it comes with handles. There is also a pink cup for little girls too! 

Cleaning is easy as the silicone top comes off so you can clean and it simply pops back on.

I highly recommend this cup, available in most supermarkets or places like boots.

If your little ones use this cup I would love to know your thoughts and how your little ones got in with the miracle cup.

Thanks for reading.

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