My mummy must haves for dealing with the dreaded cold!

  I originally posted this at the beginning of the year, but with the colder months upon us and the winter bugs coming alive, I thought I would share my "mummy must haves" for coping with the dreaded cold...

When your little ones have the dreaded cold it's not much fun! You spend your day (and nights) wiping snotty noses,administering calpol whilst having a grumpy, grizzerly baby attached to you. Pretty much since he was born my Charlie has had cold after cold after cold. Endless trips to the doctors more often than not confirm it's "viral" and we just have to ride it out.  Easy for the doctor to say that when there not the ones surving on 2 hours of sleep! So along the way I have tried lots of home remedies and over the counter products to make your little ones more comfortable, enabling you both to get some much needed rest!

All these products listed can be purchased at most supermarkets or any boots or pharmacy.

Calpol / neurofen (read packaging for the advised dosage for each age range)

Snuffle babe : a menthol  rub  (likes Vicks) that is safe to use on babies from 3 months + putting some of this in a bowl of boiling water (in a safe place) will vebtate the air with the scent to help ease stuffy noses and coughing.

Saline  nasal spray: helps unblock noses , suitable from newborn

Nasal aspiratior : or the "snot sucker" as it's known in our house. Not the most pleasent device but it will clear your babies nose making them more comfortable.

Calpol plug ins: these are fab and last for up to 8 hours and fill the room with a scent to help ease coughing and stuffy noses.

Also elevating the cot/ Moses basket using a pillow (under the mattress) or  folded up towel  really helps them to breathe a little easier.

Please note: most of these products are suitable to use from 3 months + but always speak with your GP of oharmacist before using these products for the first time.

If your little one is suffering at the moment like mine, I wish them a speedy recovering and to you the parent, I sympathise with the lack of sleep! Make sure you stock up on tea and biscuits to help you through your day.

Thank you for reading


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