What to expect when your expecting again!

Theres no doubt about it. Being pregnant for a second time is different to the first. I'm not talking about pregnancy symptoms (as such) although these can be the same or totally different. Mine sure  were!

Im talking about the emotions, thoughts,feelings and your attitude and approach to becoming a mum for te second time.

Tiredness: if you thought you were tired the first time round, that was just a taster.  Second time round you have a child to take care of along with all the other things, house, job, pets...partner! Exhausted probably doesn't cover it, especially in the first few months, but of course it does get better. Do take up offers from friends and family to babysit your child or to help with jobs around the house. Believe me any opputunity you are given to nap or at least put your feet up, grab it with both hands and enjoy!

How will I cope with 2 children: I think this is a common worry for a lot of mums and the answer is, you just will! You will learn to adapt just like you did the first time round. Yes of course it's hard and tiring at the start. But once you establish a good routine that works well for you and your family, you will wonder how life was when there was just one of them.

You don't rush out to go baby shopping: again I am applying these statements as a general thing, but most second time mums would probably agree with me. There is no sense of urgency to go out and stock up on nappies, wipes and 100 outfits that baby will probably never get to wear. Or every baby contraption on the market because you will either 1. Already have it or 2. Know that you either don't need it, or you can get it later on in the pregnancy, not directly after your first scan like I did first time round. 

Wow this pregnancy is going fast: or at least it feels it. You are so busy with day to day life and keeping up with child number one that before you know it your 30+ weeks pregnant and you realise it might be time to start packing your hospital bag and prepping for babies arrival.

And finally one that was a huge worry for me...

Will I have enough love to share between them equally: and the answer is YES! Like any mum your first born is your world, your baby and the idea of sharing that love and time with another child can be worrying. I loved and still love elise with everything I have and I couldn't understand how I could feel the same way about a second child. It's amazing but you do. The love I have for Elise and Charlie is equal. There is nothing I wouldn't do for either of them. You have a different bond I would say, with each of your children and that really is a lovely and beautiful thing. Every child is unique and special and so your bond will be aswell.

If you are reading this and thinking about baby number 2 or you are expecting again, I hope this has either made you feel a little better about any worries you have or you have been able to relate and I wish you all the best with your new bundle of joy.

Thank you for reading!

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