Traveling with children- what's in my pre schoolers bag

Long journeys are never fun, especially when you have children along for the ride. Endless whinging and whinining asking "when will we be there", "Are we nearly there yet" , "how far is it" and "im bored" can make you want to throw yourself out the car just for some peace!!!

With a short attention span, children, especially the little ones, xcan get bored very quickly. Elise is 3 years 10 months, so if we don't have a variety of things to keep her occupied, we are subjected to the above questions over and over again followed by some screaming, crying and shouting due to frustration. To be honest I can't say I blame her. There have been many times when driving on a long journey I've wanted to have a shout and cry but , being a twenty something mother of two, that's not really appropriate. (Lol) 

We are embarking on a 6 hour...yes 6 hour car journey today to wales for the wedding of some close friends. Here is what I have packed to keep my pre schooler occupied.

Tablet~ this is a godsend! We have the hudl and it's brilliant. We pre download films and apps for Elise to do on the journey and I must admit this is the most useful thing I pack. It is very versatile in the things she can do on it. Highley reccomend!

Mini etcher sketcher~ these are brilliant. They cost around £5 to buy and places likes Argos, tesco and amazon sell them. There great for in the car so they can doodle away.

Leappad 2~ it is similar to the tablet, however it's very educational based and Elise loves it. She has a variety of games and it keeps her happy whilst practicing and learning shapes,numbers,letters and writing. So it's a win win.

Activity pad~ this is great. I've packed this not just for the car but for to use at the wedding to. It's a hard back pad so she doesn't need to lean on anything and it's filled with various activitys to keep her busy. It's cost £1.99 from B&M...bargain.

Snacks~ an essential for long journeys.All these snacks were brought from tesco and aldi.

...and how could we forget bunny! We don't go anywhere without bunny. It's all placed (minus the pad) in this gorgeous cath kidston bag.

I hope you have found this post useful. Let me know what you pack in your childrens bags to keep them occupied on long journeys in the comments box below. I would love to hear to get new ideas.

Thanks for reading.

Tasha xxx

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