Homeware Haul!

Over the past month I've been buying bits and bobs for my home, particularly my kitchen! I used to have a black and white scheme in my old home and after 2 years of living in my new house I thought it was time to update.

We replaced appliances with cream ones to match our kitchen cupboards and I've now started on the accessories. I find a few simple things can instantly change the look and feel of a room.

Here is what I have brought and where it's from...

The flower jug which is from B&M and cost about £3.99 I think it was. Can also be used to serve drinks.

I've had this "cleaning kit" a little while now but it's still in stock in the store and online. It's from matalan and cost £12

From the same home range as the cleaning kit from matalan is this "laundry" tin. Holds your washing powder complete with the perfect size scoop. This was £8.

Again from the same range as the above accessorises, this "washing up" storage tin cost £6 from matalan. It got a lot of love when I posted it on Instagram and it's fab for storing your washing up essentials in a more stylish and organised way.

These gorgeous glass jars were from B&M store and I think worked out about £1.50 per jar. They were down the kitchen/dining ware isle so I decided to use them for my tea,coffe and sugar. I think they look great and so cute. 

Rectangle plates/serving dishes. Although I'm a fussy water I really enjoycooking  and entertaining and displaying food in a nice way. These were from matalan and cost £4 each. They are currently doing 20% off on dinning ware for reward card holders, so if you have one get yourself down there. These will and can be used for meals or as platters when entertaining.

Finally from matalan, this gorgeous smelling candle. It smells very sweet and at a bargain price of £3 I had to get it. I've had these candles before in different scents and they last ages. Worth buying.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and I've inspired or helped you get some ideas for your home.

Thanks for reading!

Tasha xxx

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