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I'm back! Apologises for the lack of posts recently. Been a difficult few weeks and we sadly lost a much loved family member. So just needed a few weeks really but I'm back and ready to get back to blogging, which I love!

I had to work this weekend so wasn't able to post but I wanted to share something that I made with the children for Father's Day. It was so quick, easy, cheap and personal. It can be done for any occasion really!

I chose a lovely poem about walking through life with daddy by your side. I changed the wording slightly so it said we and us etc rather than I or me. 

I typed it up and personalised the font and printed it. I painted the childrens feet and printed it over the poem. I brought a simple frame from wilkinsons for 80p! 

I put it all together and I think it looked fab! It cost me under £2 and their daddy was made up with it and it's already hanging up. I don't think you can beat something hand made and personal.

Like I said you can do this for birthdays,Christmas or birth of a new baby. There are lots of poems to do with walking through life or holding hands so you can adapt the poem and what you put on it accordingly.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and hope it's given you a little inspiration for future gifts! 

Thanks for reading!

Tasha xxx


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