Things i thought i knew before becoming a mum.

Before I became a mum I thought I would know a lot of things. The truth is being a mum is something you learn along your journey. We all have these ideas of how we will and wont do things, but the reality is we wont really know how we will handle certain situations until we are faced with them, these are just a few of the things I thought I knew when I became a mum.

I thought I knew how labour would feel and how I could handle it. I thought if I had a birth plan and was all organised then that's exactly how it would go. The truth is no amount of planning or preparation can prepare you for giving birth. Its completely out of your hands. Yes you can prepare to an extent by having your bags packed and taking pregnancy yoga for relaxation tips, but you are not in control of what will happen. However you will be so surprised how you can adapt and over come what you are faced with, and of course labour is painful but its nothing you cant handle and you will be just fine. Going in with an open and positive mind is the best advice I can give, because then if your labour doesn't go the way you hoped or expected you wont be to disheartened.

No one could have prepared me for just how tired I would feel.Of course I knew I would be tired and exhausted but I have never felt tiredness like it. But like a lot of new mums I thought I had to be super mum and do it all. II know now I should have followed peoples advice of sleeping when the baby sleeps and accept help from family members. This is something I did do after having my second baby and I recovered a lot quicker because I took the rest I needed.

For me breastfeeding was extremely difficult. Neither of my babies latched on well and it was so painful that I was even advised to stop. I tried my hardest and it broke my heart. I thought it should have been the easiest and most natural thing. You put the baby to the breast and that's it, but that isn't the case for every women. With my first I spent days feeling like such a bad mum and a failure because I couldn't breastfeed my child. The truth is you are not. The most important part of being a mum is loving and caring for your baby. As long as they are fed and happy it doesn't matter if it comes from the breast or bottle. You are a good mum if you breast feed or bottle feed and don't let anyone make you feel any different.

General parenting
As a parent you will be faced with many things, sleepless nights, getting your children in to routines, tantrums and discipline etc. There is no right or wrong way to do these things and each child is different. What works for one child may not work for the other. By all means have an idea of how you want to parent, if you want a routine, controlled crying cooking all your baby's food from scratch, handling tantrums etc . I thought all these things would be easy to do and my baby would just do what I needed her/him to do...wrong!!! Some are very lucky and your baby will adapt very easily but others you need to persevere or change how you originally planned to do things. Everyone has there own way of doing it, don't feel pressured to do things a certain way because you are told to or because everyone else is doing it. If what you do works for you and everyone else is happy who is anyone to judge!

Finally nothing and no one can prepare you for the love you will feel for your baby. For some mums I know this feeling isn't instant but please don't worry if its not. Becoming a mum is a very scary and daunting along with amazing and wonderful experience, but when you do feel it you will just know. The overwhelming feeling of love and need to protect this beautiful baby is indescribable. I thought I knew how I would feel for my first born and I will always remember my mum saying to me "you wont know what real love is until you become a mum", and she was right. Yes we all experience love for a partner but it doesn't compare to the love you will feel for your child.

For any first time mummy's reading this enjoy all the good, bad and ugly parts of motherhood because it goes by so quickly. I cant believe my eldest starts school this year and my youngest will be one soon. Its a crazy journey but I am loving every minute of it.

Thanks for reading!

Tasha xxx


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