Beauty Hacks

Here are some beauty hacks that I have tried and tested and have been a great time saver as well!

Dry Shampoo before bed
If you know you wont have time to wash your hair in morning, and you intend on using some dry shampoo, use it before you go to bed! Use as instructed and in the morning brush it out and you hair will feel cleaner and also have a lot more volume than if you had used it in the morning.

This has so many uses. Not only for moisturising your lips but it can be used or areas of dry skin such as the heels of your feet, knees and elbows. Use a small amount to tame any stray eyebrow hairs. Use on or to prevent dry cuticles. A small amount used on your eyelids will also help your eye shadow stay in place for longer and use on your eyelashes to strengthen!

If like me you suffer from stray, wispy bits of "baby hair" spraying hairspray on your tooth brush( not the one you use to brush your teeth) and brushing back the wispy hairs will keep them in place. After moisturising your chapped lips with Vaseline, using a light pressure rub your tooth brush over your lips to exfoliate them.

Nail varnish and Nail varnish remover
Keep your nail varnish in the fridge! this will prevent your polish from sticking and clumping in the heat and make them last longer. if you do find your nail varnish is starting to clump, a couple of drops of nail varnish remover in the polish will help loosen the polish.

Drying your nails
A quick and easy way of drying your nail polish is to spray hair spray on them. After painting spray a small amount of hairspray on to each nail, holding the can about 5 inches away. Another way is to place your hands in a bowl of very cold water for 2 minutes and your nails will be good to go!

To get rid of spots either sudacrem or toothpaste is fab! Rubbing a small amount into the spot, preferably at night before bed and in the morning wash your face as normal and you will notice a change instantly.

I hope you find these Beauty hacks useful and as always thank you for reading

Tasha xxx


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