Hair Bow Display tutorial

I have a little bit of a Hair Bow obsession for Elise, which has now rubbed off on her and she now requests a Bow with every outfit. Her collection has been growing and growing and I wanted something that would hold and display them. I had a nose about online and got some inspiration from good old pinterest, and I decided to make my own Bow display/holder. Its so quick and easy and really cheap to!

To make this you will need...

A staple gun
A wooden photo frame (any size or style depending on how many bows you want it to hold)
Ribbon (again your choice of style and thickness)
a hammer (may be required)
a wallper sample or fabric of your choosing
Thick heavy duty tape (brown tape)

I started off by taking the back off the frame and removing the glass. This frame I got from the range. I measured the ribbon against the frame in the direction I wanted it. I stapled the ribbon on the back of the frame (wood part) as close to the edge as I could and did the same at the bottom. As I have the upper body strength of a kitten, I couldn't get the staple all the way in so this is where the hammer came in. I hammered the staple until it was firmly in.

I chose to have three strips of ribbon, as this seemed to fit the size of the frame well. I cut and glued the sample of wallpaper, which I got from Homebase, to the backing part of the frame (the part you would place a photo on). I put the frame together and to give it that little bit of extra support I used brown tape on the back of the frame over the staples to secure it.

Then once that is done you can clip you hair bows on to the ribbon and either hang up the frame or display on a table. I hope you have found this helpful and useful. If you have any questions about this tutorial, please leave your comments below.

Thanks for reading

Tasha xxx


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