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Firstly I would just like to thank you for reading my blog. I cant believe how many of you have viewed my blog so far and I really appreciate it.

As I am intending on putting a lot of time and focus into my blog, I thought that it should have some sort of structure. So that you the readers can have some idea what to expect each week, and so that I can plan my post accordingly. So, I plan to post three times a week covering the topics of parenting , beauty and lifestyle.

"Mummy Mondays"

Every Monday I will post about all things, mummy, baby and pregnancy related. I will discuss my pregnancy and birth stories. How I survived those first few weeks of motherhood. dealing with colic, reflux and sleepless nights. Weaning, potty training and terrible two's and the products and equipment that help make my life easier. I hope as my journey as a mother develops you the readers will grow with me, and I can share all my ups and downs with you. I am in no way claiming to be an expert when it comes to parenting (who is) I will just be writing about what works for me and sharing my tips and experiences.

"Beauty tip Thursday"

Every Thursday I will be sharing my top beauty tips for make up, skin care and hair. I will be discussing my favourite products and beauty must haves! I will post make up and hair tutorials ranging from everyday, evening and occasion. I will be sharing little tricks and tips that work for me and that I have learnt over the years working as a beauty therapist.

"Lifestyle Saturdays"

Lifestyle is quite a broad topic, and each Saturday I will be sharing anything from shopping hauls, craft ideas, home d├ęcor, living with an anxiety disorder and helpful topics like, activities to do with your children, baking, managing household chores and general living. This topic I feel along with "mummy Mondays" will be my most revealing and where I hope you will feel you can relate and connect with me.

I am really looking forward to sharing all of this with you and thank you for taking the time to read.

Tasha xxx

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