Twenty random facts about me!

Hey everyone!

Sorry its been a while since I last posted, things have been a little busy recently. As I am still new to the blogging scene, I thought it would be good to do a "random facts" post. I always enjoy reading and learning about others, so I hope you enjoy it to.

1. I am a huge tea drinker. I drink far more than I should and about 2 years a go I had to switch to drinking decaf and herbal teas, as it was causing me to have migraines and a high heart rate.

2. I am a fussy eater...a really fussy eater! If its plain and tasteless I will probably like it. I wish I wasn't so fussy but, you cant help what you like and don't like can you.

3. I am fifty shades of grey obsessed. I have read the trilogy 4 times and have been on count down mode since they released the movie date. My tickets were booked month ago.

4. Watching reality shows like Dance moms, Keeping up with the Kardashians and Teen Mom are my guilty pleasures, and really annoy my husband...never mind.

5. My idea of the perfect evening would be a hot bath with a cup of tea, ordering a takeaway (Curry of course) and watching a girly chick flick.

6. I am a bit of a chocoholic and its probably the reason why my "mum tum" is still hanging around. (new years resolution is to get rid of it)

7. My favourite film would have to be the notebook, I cry without fail every time.

8.My house is filled with scented candles. vanilla is my favourite scent.

9. I am probably going to offend quite a few people but... I HATE cheese! I cant bare it! touching it makes me feel sick.

10. I am a huge Cath kidston fan. I have lost count of how many items I have from there, and even my daughter Elise already has an impressive Cath kidston bag collection.

11. I always have my hand and toe nails painted, its my thing. I feel naked and not myself without them done. If I havent got them painted you know something is seriously wrong!

12. if I could live in my pjs I would. when I am home its pjs all the way.

13. Summer is without a doubt my favourite time of year because I can wear flip flops all day everyday. I don't like my feet being covered up so flip flops are defiantly my favourite type of footwear.

14. My three desert island beauty must have products would be, mascara, BB cream and a nail polish.

15. I have been on MTV . When I was 15 my friends and I left school early to be on the TRL show with Blazin squad...yes Blazin squad. I had the biggest crush on kenzie ( yes I know what your all thinking lol)

16. When I was 3 I won a fancy dress competition at a holiday camp that my auntie worked at as the entertainments manager. I was "a tissue". Basically I was giant toilet roll. ( I will get hold of the photo)

17. Sunglasses! come rain or shine, night or day I will usually have mine on (haha) I get a lot of headaches and they seem to help but my husband like to joke around saying I think im Cheryl Cole (I wish) and call me "chez" or "Cheryl"

18. If I could live anywhere in the world it would be America. Somewhere like Florida or California.

19. Marmite you either love it or hate it and I LOVE IT!

and finally...20. My dream would be to own my own cosmetic line aimed at mums! It would include make up, skin care and bath products that are quick and easy to use and an affordable price.

thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it

Tasha xxx

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