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Weaning your baby is such an exciting journey but also a daunting one. As a mum of three over the years I have tried just about every way to wean your baby and all the gismos and gadgets to help this phase that much easier.

Vital baby got in touch to see if Olivia and I would like to test our their weaning products and I will be 100% honest... they are brilliant!!!

We were sent a range of feeding cups, spoons, bowls and travel bowls. The sappy cup has soft flexible handles, easy for little hands to hold and has the option of being non spill or free flow, which is great for the transition as they get better when drinking from a cup, because no mother needs a pool of water on the floor!

The travel bowl, complete with spoon is such a great idea. It is ideal for on the go so you won't have to worry about remembering a spoon because it clips on the top. As Olivia is my third baby she is forever being taken around to her older siblings, after school clubs, school runs, play dates, so I often have to feed her on the go, so this travel box is perfect.

By far my favourite product is the unberliabowl! It really is magic! It is almost impossible to find a bowl that a baby can't throw on the floor. Many brands have come out with bowls and plates that suction to your babies highchair table, claiming it can not be pulled off and thrown. Let me tell you, I have not found signal bowl or plate that my babies couldn't pull off and throw on the floor...until now! Vital baby have cracked it with the unberliveabowl.

It has a suction stand which you attached to the table part and then you push and lock the bowl in to place on the top. I tested it out on my instatories to show how great this bowl is, I tried to pull the bowl off and ended up dragging the highchair across the floor. That is how sturdy it is, so rest assured you little pickles wont be launching their dinner on the floor when using this bowl. Did I mention it has a lid and a spoon so it can also be used on the go? perfect for those meals out in restaurants. Vital baby really have thought of it all when it comets this product.

I have been so impressed with vital baby and their products and will be using them going forward has we continue our weaning journey. Click here to check out the full range of Vital baby products.

Thanks for reading and Happy Weaning!

Natasha x

*products were sent in exchange for a review. All views and opinions are my own.

* products were sent in exchange for a review. All views and opinions are my own.


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