NIBBLING Teething Toy Review*

Teething! lets talk about Teething!

Any parent will tell you how difficult teething can be for all involved. Its nights on end of broken sleep, long days filled with tears, from you and baby! dribble, snotty noses and very unhappy clingy babies.

I was once told that if we teethed as adults we literally wouldn't be able to function day to day due to the level of pain. Speaking from a bad experience when my wisdom teeth came through I can believe it. No parent likes to see their child in pain and we are always looking for new ways to hep our babies during these milestones they have to endure.

If you are new to the teething game a sure sign your baby is about to get thier first little toothy pegs is dribbling and chewing!! They will chew on everything so finding a toy for them to help ease the teething process is really important.

I was contacted by the lovely people  at NIBBLING to see if Olivia would like to try out their teething products.

We were kindly sent the silicone teething dummy clip and a natural wood teething toy. Not only are they absolutely beautiful they have been an absolute life saver and kept Olivia occupied for hours.

Love them or hate them for me dummy's serve a purpose. The dummy clips fantastic because its multifunctional. It keeps the dummy to hand and the cord can be used as a teething toy. So for car journeys and trips out in the park this is the perfect teething accessory. Thanks to the clip I never have to worry about Olivia dropping her dummy!

NIBBLING offer a wide range of teething products to help your little ones during the teething process. To check our their full range click here.


*the products were sent in exchange for. review. all thoughts and views are my own

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