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My first trimester hasn't been an easy one. On top of all your standard pregnancy symptoms, I have had a lot of stress in my personal life and also some health concerns regarding this baby. This does not bode well for an easy pregnancy.

I will go back to the start and apologise that I will skim over the "personal life stresses" as it is just that...personal! Far to personal to air online but I am happy to share there seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel and some form of normality is being restored to our stress levels. I will just throw it our there it has nothing to do with my marriage/ children. Aside from wanting to throw them all out of a window at consecutive times (pregnancy hormones hey), they have been what's kept me going, along with this baby. Sometimes it takes a stressful situation to bring you all closer and realise exactly why you are doing what your doing.

So now that's been said I can dive right in to my pregnancy and how it has been going so far. I found out I was pregnant a couple of weeks after returning from our amazing holiday to Florida (blog post to follow on that). We had talked about adding a third baby to our brood but like a lot of people you never assume it will happen right away. Well I blame the magic of Disney for this little blessing as no sooner had we "considered" the idea of another baby, one was on the way. Why I was shocked ( in a good way) this baby is very much wanted and a huge blessing that has come during a period of time when I felt my world was caving in around me. If you have been a follower of mine for a while you will know I have struggled with anxiety during my previous pregnancy and pretty much ever since. I am happy to report I am doing really well and although the anxiety monster has reared its ugly head, I have been able to manage it and I will be sharing how I have been doing that to help any other mums/ mums to be going through a similar thing.

Shortly after I found out I was expecting I started to have pains in my left side and was referred to the early pregnancy unit for a scan. During my second pregnancy I had similar and it seemed I was miscarrying part of a twin pregnancy, however I was very fortunate to carry one healthy baby to term , so to be safe they wanted to check to see if the same was happening again. To cut a very long story short it seems my cycles are all over the place and I wasn't quite as far a long s my dates made me. During my first scan they couldn't locate the pregnancy and prepared me for the worst but to remain hopeful as it could be down to my dates being wrong. Thankfully this was the case and I ended up being 6 days behind what my cycle dates stated!

Fast forward to my midwife appointment and the subject of me conceiving  abroad and the worry of the Zeika virus was mentioned. I will go in to that further in another post again to help any others in a  similar situation, but I am now under a consultant and have regular blood work and scans to keep an eye on baby.

Throw in daily morning sickness that finally stopped at 14 weeks, fatigue, sciatica, SPD and the life stresses we have had, this pregnancy so far has been no Picnic. But I know when I hold that little baby in my arms every bit of it will be worth it. I feel so incredibly lucky to be experiencing pregnancy for a third...and final time. The idea of a third was always that, an idea! One that I hoped would happen and I feel so very blessed to be having another, my bonus baby, the final piece to our family jigsaw and I am very excited to share the journey with you all.

Thanks for reading

Natasha x

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