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I thought I would condense weeks 12-14 in to one blog post because in all honesty not a huge amount has changed in these couple of weeks. Pregnancy fatigue seems to have got better and I am no longer falling asleep at 1pm each day. With a 3 year old, 5 year old and a dog afternoon naps weren't ideal but some days my body took over and I was even falling asleep at the dinning table.

I am currently 15 weeks pregnant and ** touches all the wood, the last time I was sick was around 13 and half weeks. Its safe to say this is by far the worst I have suffered with sickness. It seemed to get progressively worse as the weeks went on. Evenings were the worst for me and meals were a big no no. I have lived off sweets, lemonade with a slice of lime and lots of ice! popadoms and naan bread ( don't ask weird I know) and again more sweets! I have had a major sweet tooth this pregnancy. Anything fruity and sweet I will have it. I have gone to eat out and just ordered dessert. The one thing with regards to morning sickness I am thankful for is that I have only put on 3lbs! The amount of sweets and cakes I have been inhaling its a wonder I haven't put on 3 stone. So now the sickness is "hopefully" over, I am trying to be mindful of how many sweets and sugary treats I am consuming.

My belly seems to have got very big very quickly this time, but I have been assured this is quite normal for a third pregnancy as your body knows what to do and everything is already stretched. SPD seems to have made a comeback and brought sciatica along with it for good measure. Night time is the worst and I tend to wake myself up when turning over due to the pain so a pregnancy support pillow is a must! Recommendations welcome as I have never used one before. Thankfully once I'm up and about it doesn't seem to be as painful, although I am hobbling about like an elderly lady first thing in the morning. I have found a local pregnancy yoga class that will now take me as I have reached 14 weeks so I'm hoping that will help with the SPD and the sciatica.

As I mentioned in my first trimester update which you can read here. I am being monitored during this pregnancy due to the concern that I was exposed to the Zeika virus during conception. I met my consultant who is so lovely and had my first set of bloods taken and I am anxiously awaiting those results. I have another appointment in September but fingers crossed all of this is being done just as a precaution and baby is A ok.

Now that I am in to the second trimester it feels like the weeks are flying and we are so excited to book our early Gender scan and find out if we are Team Pink or Blue! Id love to hear your guesses.

Natasha x

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