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He's home! After 22 weeks and 3 days a part we are now a family of four once again. The homecoming parade was such a great atmosphere and the children were so excited. I had intended to film the day but it was so busy and emotions running high that I forgot to get the camera out at certain moments, and the bits I did film wouldn't of really made a great vlog.

But I did capture one moment... The best moment...The moment I wanted to capture. The moment my two little monkeys were reunited with their daddy.

He's been home now almost a week and ill admit its an adjustment for us all. we as humans are creatures of habit and we get use to certain routines and ways of life. 22 weeks is a long time to be a part so being re united and adjusting to being a family of 4 again is a learning curve for us all. That being said being together no matter how hard is better than being apart.

We are taking the time he has off to enjoy being a family and of course our holiday to Florida!! I've got lots of videos and posts lined up so be prepared for some serious holiday spam over the coming weeks.

Once again thank you again for all the support during my husbands deployment from my followers. Your comments and messages have meant the world and lifted my spirits on the days when it all got a little much and I felt I couldn't manage another day of solo parenting.

Social media can be a wonderful thing when used in the right way and I'm so grateful for the tribe of lovely followers that I have. You have all been a part of this deployment journey so a big thank you to you all.

Natasha xxx

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