Child free trip to Malta!

Its been just over a week since I returned from Malta and it already feels like a lifetime ago. If you are new to my blog I will give you a little background that lead to my trip to Malta. My husband is in the military and is on a 5 month deployment and they had a stop over in Malta. so a fellow military wife/friend decided to book up a mini break and surprise them! we told them ahead of time so that they could defiantly get the time off to spend with us and it was an amazing trip! As much as I missed my children (believe me I was in a bit of a state leaving them) I knew they were in the capable hands of there nana and after 5 months of solo parenting, a 3 night break away was so needed.

If you haven't been to Malta before go! it is a beautiful country. We booked flights directly with EasyJet which cost next to nothing. It cost me more in a tank of petrol to drive from Devon to Sussex than it did for a return flight to Malta from London Gatwick! I have flown with easy jet before but this time we did hand luggage and as anxious as I was at the thought of not being able to take every item of clothing I own, I was pleasantly surprised that outfit planning and packing savvy could actually make it possible to travel hand luggage only!

We booked our hotel through travel republic and we stayed at the beech Garden hotel on St Julian's bay. Now I will be honest and say it was a pretty basic hotel that was under going refurbishment at the time of our stay. But for £20  a night for a double room and breakfast you couldn't really complain. The location was fantastic and we had a gorgeous sea view. If you are want to go on a drinking/clubbing holiday then St Julian's is the area you want to sty in! its packed full of bars, restaurants and clubs and a fantastic shopping centre too. We did on big night out in St. Julian's and it was a brilliant night...what I remember of it anyway.

the following couple of days was spent sight seeing and I still cant believe how much of the island we saw! We spent a big part of pure day exploring around Valetta. A stunning part of the country full of war history and so much culture. Valetta for me was my favourite part and I would love to stay there when we go back one day. We explored the little streets and the beautiful architecture and managed to find the war memorial with one of rich's relatives on who sadly lost his life in Malta during the war.

We took a ferry from Valetta to the next town along and it was a great and cheap way of seeing more of the island. In the evening we went to a lovely steak and grill restaurant just round the corner from St Julian's bay and it was a lovely rare treat to have a meal just the two of us.

On our last day we hired a little car that got nicknamed "the noddy car" and we drove to Popeye village which is one of the most stunning areas I have seen. The view was beautiful, no filters were required for these photos.

We drove and ate around St Pauls bay, visited the cathedral that houses the famous bomb that never exploded, and before we left for the airport we took a horse carriage ride around Mdina and finished off with tea and cake on a roof top café.

It was honestly one of the best trips I have taken and made it even better After 5 months apart to get to spend some quality time with Rich and reconnect. To share the experience with friends who too have gone through the same thing topped the trip off. We laughed till we cried and we cried till we laughed and its a holiday I will never forget.

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