"My Big Tree" book review*

I have been lucky enough to have been asked to review Maria Ashworth latest children book. If you haven't heard of Maria Ashworth she is the author of Step one, step two, step three and four. which is a lovely picture booked based on her own life experiences and her children's. I have been asked to review her Latest Story  My Big Tree. Here is the information and synopsis for this wonderful book...

Ages: 4-8
Genre: Concept Picture Book
Synopsis: Think Brown Bear meets Where’s Waldo.

One bluebird has found her favorite tree to nest in until other animals realize it's their favorite tree also. It all starts when two back bears love to nap in the big tree. The story continues as more multiple of colored animals (counting to 10) fill the tree and push the one little bluebird and her nest all the way to the top of the tree. She doesn't want to share her big tree so she sets out to find a new one. She discovers there are a few things missing in her new home. In the end, it's not the tree that makes it so special. It's her new best friends.

This book is exactly the type of thing myself and my children love to read. I am mum to Elise (5) and Charlie (2) and our favourite type of books are ones that involve animals and counting. I love that the story is easy for a young child to follow and that the illustrations are simple yet colourful and grabs the children's attention. I love that the animals unique sounds are included so it not only makes it fun to read aloud but also educational. My children love to count and this story allowed them to do so in a fun and exciting way.The beautiful hidden meaning of the story is portrayed in a way that even little ones can understand. That its better to share something beautiful with others than on your own.

Maria has been kind enough to do a fun little Q&A for you all.Here is her "One Last Thing" list...

Last.… DIY-Creating the magnetic story boards for My Big Tree
Last....song you sang out loud-Little Mermaid soundtrack, Part of Your World, to my 10 month old grand daughter
Last…. time you danced-Yesterday in the kitchen 
Last… vice-ICE CREAM!
Last…. moment of bliss-Lying in the pool alone
Last…. game you played-Candyland with my 19 year-old daughter
Last… time you watched a sunset-Kauai in 2014
Last… person you complimented-My editor.
Last…. person you told I love you-My husband
Last…. thing you lost-A receipt.
Last… time you was nervous- when I was teaching my daughter how to drive
Why Not have some fun and play My Big Tree Bingo Game with words from the book. Great activity to do with your little ones. click the link to play online or print off to play.

This really is a lovely children's story and I would encourage you all to read this with your little ones. My two have certainly enjoyed it. Maria is a very talented children's author and I look forward to reading more of her stories.


*disclaimer. I was gifted a copy of this book for the purpose of a review. All views and opinions are strictly my own.

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