Enjoying the great outdoors

I will be the first one to admit that I am not a very outdoorsy person. The thought of hiking, camping or going on long walks feels me with dread. Don't get me wrong I enjoy a little stroll out in the sunshine and appreciate the beauty of the countryside, if its raining or cold you can count me out. Being an outdoor adventurer just isn't me.

However since taking on the huge responsibly of adopting a puppy it has forced me to become more of an outdoorsy person, and truth be told (apart form when its raining) I have really enjoyed it. we recently went on a lovely family walk and picnic to the most beautiful bit of countryside I have seen in a long time. I wont lie the idea of a long walk in the heat did feel me with a little bit of dread, and in my head I was already thinking about how tired I would be, the dog was going to get all muddy, one of the kids will fall over and get hurt and our picnic will get ruined by am very excited puppy jumping all over us. all of that couldn't be further from the truth...I loved every minute of it!

I was encouraging Max (our puppy) to go in to the stream and I even followed him in. I wanted to walk that extra bit further to see what was around the corner. I didn't want our lovely picnic to be over and was sad when we headed home. Watching Elise and Charlie running around with max and enjoying the outdoors was a lovely. We are often so busy rushing here and there or rich is always working, that a simple family day together is very rare.

Enjoying the outdoors, having a picnic and not spending money was a welcomed change and one that we will be making more time for.

I have shared my anxiety issues here in this blog and getting out in to the outdoors and soaking up the sun was a great mood lifter and I cant wait to go out again and find another beauty spot to enjoy with my beautiful family.

If like me you are not a natural born outdoorsman and the idea of going on a long walk just fills you with dread, I would strongly encourage you to just go out and explore your local area. just getting out without having anything to worry about other than enjoying nature and being together, does wonders for your mood and wellbeing.

Id love to know what your favourite outdoor activity's are to do with your family. Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading.

Natasha x


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