Survied my first school year, now to survive the holidays!

My first year as a "school mum" is over and I have mixed emotions about it. A mixture or sadness, happiness, relief and Anxiety. Sad that my baby girl has compelted her first year and is moving up to year one! Happiness that she did so well and is enjoying school and working well. Releif that I survived my first year of school runs, akward conversations with the parents on the playground till you finally suss out who you will click with, scraped through the dreaded "bake sale days" , "costume making" , remembering when it was non school uniform day and bringing in endless tombola prizes. The  anxiety of wondering how I will manage to entertain her for 6 long ass weeks!!!

I mean seriously who came up with the idea of a 6 week summer holidays!?! We are on day 4 of the summer holidays and I'm about ready to rip my hair out and register to " wine of the month" club just so I can get copious  amounts of wine delivered to my door step so I don't ever have to worry about taking my little darlings in to a supermarket to buy said wine. Its not her fault really, its an adjustment for us all. She is use to be entertained all day at school and having 3 teachers in her class room. Why I will use every spare moment I can playing, crafting, trips to the park and reading stories, its not physically possible to entertain her every waking moment. I'm fast running out of ideas to keep her occupied.

With the whinging, moaning, crying, stamping of feet and hearing the words "mum I'm hungry" over and over and over again, the mad morning school runs, the sewing of costumes, decorating hard boiled eggs for the Easter festival ( see my Instagram for a photo) when you have "mum flu" buying 5 boxes of chocolate for the tombola's and remembering what day the p.e kits had to be brought in never looked so appealing! Even Elise is asking when its going to be September.

For any mums about to embark on this new chapter in there life along with there child. Enjoy it, it really is a wonderful and emotional time. Watching them grow and flourish is truly one of the best things and I couldn't be prouder of how well Elise has done. She has come on leaps and bounds (aside from the whinging and the tantrums) I couldn't be prouder of the little lady she is becoming and a massive part of that is due to the fantastic school she attends.

So September...do hurry up and show your face and to the mummy's in the same boat as me...hang in there we can do this!

Natasha x

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