The ordinary moments #3

I am writing this whilst snuggled up in a big comfy bed with my little monkeys, watching CBeebies and drinking tea. It's around 8am and we are on holiday! Daddy is off to the gym so we are having a chilled out hour before another busy day of activities.

Life has been particularly hectic recently and I haven't managed to keep on top of my ordinary moments, but whilst there is peace in our little lodge, I wanted to take a few minutes out to share with you all my ordinary moments for this week.

We are at centre Parcs and it truly is one of my favourite places to holiday. I have lost count how many times we have visited the various sites. 

It is so beautiful and picturesque and there is something about the place that instantly makes me relax. I am not really an outdoorsy person but when I'm here I love being outside.

Being here makes me appreciate quality time with my little family. Leaving our phones back at the lodge, enjoying nature and the little things in life. We can all get caught up with everyday life. Constantly on our phones/iPads. Doing school runs, rushing to work and all the other day to day things we have to do.

It's lovely to take a few days out from every day life and enjoy the "ordinary moments", that we don't really get time to appreciate on a daily basis. Long walks, smiling, happy children exploring their surroundings and time together laughing and enjoying each other's company. 

I will be doing a full blog post and a vlog on our holiday to centre Parcs next week.

As ever thank you for reading and i would love to hear about your ordinary moments.


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