Our centre parcs holiday!

We have gone on holiday to centre parcs once, sometimes twice a year since I was pregnant with Elise. It is without a doubt one of my favourite places to go.

We haven't managed a holiday a broad since having Elise. With busy work and personal life, every time we went to book a holiday abroad something always came up. Centre parcs always have great last minute deals, so we have always taken them up on these offers.

In my honest opinion, with all that centre parcs has to offer there is no need to have the hassle of going abroad. If a fun action pack holiday or a quiet and relaxing one is what you are after, Centre parcs has it all. Of course the one thing that can't be guaranteed is the weather, however the majority of activities are inside! 

If you have been to centre parcs yourself I am probably explaining the obvious, but for those of you who haven't... All of the sports courts and some of the climbing and absailing walls are inside, the majority of shops and restaurants are undercover and the swimming pool is inside under a huge glass dome so you can still see the sky above. Each site offers fantastic slides and areas for the children. I had to drag my children away because they had so much Fun. There is an outdoor pool area so in those summer months you can lounge by the pool and soak up the sun just like you would if you were in the Canary Islands!

If you are a thrill seeker there is the "high trees" which is basically a version of "go ape" if you have ever heard or done that. I have never been brave enough to conquer the high trees but hope to one day. Each site is set in a beautiful forest with lovely paths to walk or cycle along. It's surrounded by water and you can hire pedlos and rafts. 

The accommodations are lovely woodland lodges. Depending on the area you are staying in and the size of lodge required will depend what your lodge has to offer, but even the smallest ones don't disappoint. For all the details of all the centre parcs forest have a look on the website here.http://m.centerparcs.co.uk/

This holiday we visited elvedon forest. We stayed in a 3 bedroom woodland lodge in "pine area". For the first time we hired bikes! Now I will be honest I haven't ridden a bike in nearly 16 years and when I sat on the bike to peddle off the expression "bambi on ice" came to mind. The person who said "it's like riding a bike you never forget" clearly never met me. It took me a good day to get use to riding again but once I did it was a nice and fun (said with slight sarcasm) experience.

We made full use of the swimming pool and went everyday. The children played in the playgrounds and took part in a pancake race as we were there on national pancake day! We took Elise and Charlie to watch they call "fun zone" which was a soft play in a hall for 6 months to 4 year olds. It was really nice watching them play and do something together. Plus we got to drink a Starbucks in peace, watching from the sidelines. All parents will know this is a rare treat.

Centre parcs have lots of lovely restaurants and whilst we were there we visited HUCKS and "the pancake house" , the amount of food I have consumed this past week is truly shocking and I shall be on a liquid diet for the foreseeable future. 

Centre parcs does offer an amazing spa which sadly I didn't get a chance to use this time. But I have visited it a few times before and it is like a little peace of heaven. I high key recommend!

Like all good holidays it went by so fast and had to come to an end. I'm itching to go back already and have started looking at booking our next holiday!  If you are wanting a safe, fun, action pack or relaxing family holiday, without the stress of airports then you have to visit centre parcs. I can't recommend them enough. We have done holidays just us, with family members and friends and I have never had a bad holiday. 

I managed to film some footage from our holiday so once I have tackled the washing and the unpacking I will get to editing and upload the video on my YouTube channel.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and if you haven't been are now considering a holiday to centre parcs.

Thanks for reading


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