Starting school

The day I had been dreading for months happend...my baby girl started school.

The days leading up to the day I was a bag of emotions and anxiety. Just about every thought went through my head. Will she be ok? What if she misses me? What if no one plays with her? Will she know to ask to ask to use the toilet? How will she cope a day without her beloved bunny!? 

These are just a few of the things I was worrying about. Ironing the name tags into her clothes, packing her bag and setting out her uniform ready for the morning, made it all the more real. How was my baby starting school?

If your a mum of a school aged child or a child starting school, I'm sure you have had similar feelings and thoughts. It's hard to believe that the tiny bundle of pure perfection that you brought into the world, who relied on you for everything has now grown up in a blink of an eye to a little human,who is becoming self sufficient, toilet trained and arguing with you about the way you have cut their sandwiches for lunch. These past 4 years have gone quicker than I ever anticipated but I am so proud of the young lady she has become and I can't wait to see what the future holds. 

She went in to school happy and confident. A big kiss goodbye and a beaming wave to me and her daddy and she was off. She is loving every minute of it and all my fears and worrys turned out to be nothing.

Now whilst she is at school I shall be mothering Charlie praying he doesn't grow up as fast as his sister and flicking through her baby albums whilst sobbing into my tea ...we all do that yes?! Perhaps it's time for another?!?! Haha!

If your little one is starting school this year I wish them all the best for their new adventure, and big hugs to you mummies (wear suglasses to hide the tears) 

Thank you for reading 

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