Elise and Charlie's christening

A child's christening /naming day is a special day for any Parent. It's a chance to celebrate your child/children with loved ones and welcome them in to your chosen faith.

We recently had Elise and Charlie christened together. We originally wanted to have Elise christend before we had Charlie but certain things kept coming up or thrown in our way and it was never the right time, so once we were expecting Charlie we knew we wanted to have them christened together.

It was a lovely day filled with family and friends and despite all my stressing, worrying and flapping about the day couldn't have gone better.

We had the children christened in the chapel on my husbands military base which was lovely and special to us. We then hired our local village hall for a get together afterwards.

I am lucky enough to have an amazing auntie/godmother who creates the most beautiful and delicious cakes and she was kind enough do make a joint cake for them.

I wanted an "afternoon tea" theme for the christening because it was easy to achieve and very cost effective.

We ordered sandwich platters from marks and Spencer's (see link) 

which were fab. So many options to choose from and really good quality. It's not just sandwiched they do. What ever theme or occasion you are going for they will cater for it. We the brought mini muffins and scones with jam and cream and placed then on cake stands for the guests to help themselves. I got a lot of compliments so I think it was a hit!

For the decorations I went to "home bargains" and brought some bunting with a floral design and some plain pink napkins. The tissue paper Pom Poms were from eBay. I just typed in " tissue paper Pom Poms" and so many different colours and sizes were available. However make sure you check the delivering times because a lot Came from abroad so if your event is soon you may want to order form a UK distributor.

 The blue paper straws were from "the range" and cost £1 for 30, which I thought was a bargain. The paper cups and plates we're just from the pound store, along with the table cloths. For drinks we provided tea and coffe and orange juice, which we put in a kilner dispenser which we purchased from wilkinsons for £20. It was defiantly worth the money and will be used for any future events! ( see link) This is now on SALE for £15!! So hurry if you are wanting to purchase one.

To add a personal touch I wanted to create a photo display of various photos of the children from the day they were born to the present day. I edited the photos using "black and white photo" app on my iPhone and then printed them off using a photo machine in tesco. I brought some string and some minitire craft pegs from "the range" and they were about £1 each and hung the string up and pegged the photos along the string above the main table. 

It was something for the guests to look at and I feel It finished off the decorations with a personal touch. Finally I created a wishing tree for the christening. You can find all the details for that in my previous blog post.

It really was a great day and we are very thankful and blessed thatwe and our children have so many amazing family and friends in our lives and want to thank everyone who made it.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and it's helped you with some ideas for your child's christening or naming day.

Thanks for reading!

Tasha xxx


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