Tips for teething babies

Teething! One of the unpleasant things both parent and baby have to go through. For some baby's teething is a breeze, and for others it can be temperatures, sleepless nights, lots of tears (from the parents aswell) and nasty nappies. I am currently having the pleasure of an unhappy teething baby!
Compared to some babies he really isn't too bad but waking up grizzerling in the night is not much fun for either of us.

Unfortuantley I don't have a magic cure but these things should help ease the pain of teething! Teething granuals! Ashton and parsons I have personally found the best but Nelsosn are also great. Both of these can be purchased at boots and most pharmacys! Anbesole and teething gels are great aswell! You rub on the gums and it helps soothe them, again these can be purchased at a pharmacy. Teething rings! Any sort that are rigid, have different textures and can be put in the fridge or freezer work the best! Both of mine have loved the NUBY car key teething toy. Pop in the freezer and they work magic! If yor baby is at the weaning stage, chewing on rusks, or biscotti biscuits can help and crusts of bread! Charlie is loving that at the moment. If he's grizzerly and grumpy I put him in his highchair and give him some bread crusts and sometimes toast it and it keeps him happy for ages! Wetting a flannel or muslin and putting it in the freezer is great to! Give it to your baby to suck and chew on and the cold will help sooth there sore gums!

 I haven't personally used them but I have heard wonderful things about amber teething bracelets. I've been told there are a lot of fakes so do your research before purchasing! I believe the website  http://www.loveamberx.co.uk/storev2/mobile.php  is the best one. If none of these are working  of course there is calpol and Ibupprofen but check before us usage with your doctor or pharmacist if baby hasn't had it before.

And for the parents! Tea/coffe, chocolate and the occasional glass of wine will see you through!

I hope these tips are helpful and hope your little ones don't suffer to much!

Thanks for reading.

Tasha xxx

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