Blog changes!

Happy 1st of the month!!

March is here I can't believe it! Which means spring,which means I am a day closer to being able to wear my flip flops again haha!

I apologise my blog hasn't been updated on the days I said. My personal life has had and will be having some new changes! I've been offered a great job working at luxuary spa hotel as a therpaist! It's part time and works perfectly around my family life. So unfortuantley I will have to move my blog days about.

"Mummy Mondays" will stay!

My beauty posts will now be on a "Wednesday"

And my lifestyle posts will be either on a Saturday or Sunday so will be renamed "lifestyle weekend"

I hope you will all continue to read and stay with me on my blogging journey! I am do thankful for all my views and comments I have had so far and can't believe how many of you are reading!

Thank you for reading and I will be posting again for "mummy Mondays" tomorow

Tasha xxx

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