Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with an Eton mess topping!

My husband loves cakes! So for his birthday me and Elise decided to bake. We were running low on ingredients so we had to get creative and came up with this idea, and they tasted amazing! So I thought I would share.

For chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with a red icing and Eton mess topping you will need...

Self raising flour
Castor Sugar
Vanilla essence
Cocoa powder 
Red food colouring 
Dr Oetker Eaton mess sprinkles 
Icing sugar
cup cake cases
cupcake tin
electric mixer
tea and table spoons
wooden spoon
weighing scales
wire cooling rack

To start pre heat the oven at 170c

measure out...
6oz of self raiding flour
6oz of castor sugar
6oz of margarine
3 medium eggs
20grams of cocoa powder (add more if it's not chocolate enough) 
place the cupcake cases into the cupcake tin ready. (this will make approximately 14 cupcakes)

Mix together the sugar and margarine until light and fluffy using the electric mixer. Add an egg one at a time and mixing in between. Sift the flour in gradually and add 1 tea spoon of vanilla essence. Mix until a smooth mixture is formed. Then add the cocoa powder and stir untill it's fully mixed in.

Using a table spoon scoop the mixture evenly into the cupcake cases until all the mixture is used. Place on the middle shelf of the oven for 20 minutes. After this time check the cakes are done by sticking a knife into the centre of the cake. If the mixture is still runny place the cakes back into the oven for a further few minutes.

Once cooked. place on a cooling rack to cool.

For the Icing, follow the instructions on the packet and add in some red food colouring. Add as little or as much as u like depending on how bright you want the colour to be. Using a spoon, scoop and spread the icing on to the cakes and sprinkle the Eton mess sprinkles on top and place on the rack to set.

Make a drink of your choosing, sit down, relax and enjoy your cakes!

Happy Baking!

Tasha xxx


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