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Family's come in all shapes and sizes. Now more than ever family's are more dynamic and different than ever before. But one thing remains the same no matter how your family have came to be. Love!

Disney's latest film The Incredibles 2 is based around the idea of a family unit who are extra specials  they have super powers that help take on the world. But if you really delve in to the concept and the meaning behind the film, you will find it is very relatable to every family. " that parenting and loving each other is a superpower in itself".

If you are a parent reading this I'm sure you will agree, that parenting has its ups and downs. No two days will be the same and the unpredictability of parenting can make you feel overwhelmed at times. Its times like these where your family unit, no matter how that is made up, be it a partner, friend or relative, pull together and help you through those difficult times as well as the good.

My family unit is my husband Rich, Daughter Elise, Son Charlie and my baby girl Olivia. Our family dynamic is often myself parenting solo due to my husbands job in the armed forces, which requires him to work away for long periods of time. But no matter the distance we are still a family unit and parent together. If you were to ask my children they will tell you that daddy is their hero! He works hard not just to protect our family but all the family's in the world and that is very special, and how proud they feel to call him their daddy.

I myself have my very own super power up my sleeve. I have the ability to make cuts, scrapes and bruises feel instantly better with my " magic mummy kisses". Its something I started with my eldest and have continued to do so with my other children and it works. They truly believe those kisses are magic and their pain is taken away, and as a parent that not only feels amazing but rewarding.

To help celebrate the launch of The Incredibles 2 movie, the Disney Store have created a fantastic range of Incredibles toys. Various toys for all different ages and abilities these toys have been throughly enjoyed by my children and myself and my husband too.

I love to watch my children play together through imaginative play. Its very interesting to see how they perceive a family dynamic to be and to watch them act it out with these toys has been lovely. It really is fun for all the family. We managed to see the new film this week and it didn't disappoint.

To check out the range of The Incredibles 2 merchandise click here.

A huge thank you to the Disney store for sending us these wonderful gifts. They have kept my little super heroes very busy so that I am able enjoy a much needed cup of tea!

Natasha x

* the products were sent form the Disney Store in exchange for a review. all views and opinions are my own.

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