Vionic Footwear | Spring Collection Review*

As a busy mum of three I am constantly on my feet. If I'm not pacing the pavements with a newborn, in the pram, on the school/ nursery run, rushing round the supermarket or ferrying the kids from one activity to the next, then I am at a playground, soft play you name it. So you could say I rarely get to sit down.

                                                                  ( my winter vionics)

Whilst pregnant with my third baby my Vionic footwear were my go too shoe! Not only stylish but so unbelievably comfortable they really helped support my ever growing bump and kept my feet nice and supported. So when I was asked if I would like to try out a pair from their new collection I couldn't  wait.

I opted for the midi perf slip on in grey. A similar style to my first pair as I love the look and fit, however these are defiantly for spring and summer.

Comfortable and supportive like my previous pair but with cut out detailing on the shoe that will keep my feet nice and cool during the warmer weather, which hopefully will be staying. Made with a soft leather these shoes will compliment many spring/summer outfits and support your busy lifestyle.

Vionics FMT technology helps support and ease common problems such as knee, heal and lower back pain. As someone who suffers with lower back pain and suffered greatly with pelvic girdle pain during my pregnancy, I can confirm these shoes defiantly helped and made walking and day to day life more bearable and comfortable.

What I love the most about Vionic footwear is that fashion and style doesn't have to be compromised for comfortable and supportive footwear. Gone are the days where you need to cram your feet in to ill fitting trainers or spend your days refraining from walking like Bambi in heels just too stay on trend.

There is a shoe and a design to match all styles and forms of footwear and I can't recommend them enough. To shop for vionic footwear click here.

Natasha x

* The shoes were gifted in exchange for a review. All views and opinions are my own.


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