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If your anything like myself, you will find that keeping children entertained during those long school holiday's an absolute nightmare. Finding things to do can seem bit overwhelming.

Clas Ohlson kindly got in touch and set myself and my children a little task to decorate our very own Swedish Dala Horse. If you have not heard of these very special horses let me fill you in.

During the 17th centuary In the Swedish Dalarna region, woodcarvers would make these little wooden horses to sell at markets. A hundred years later, men who worked in the forests would carve these horses using the wood from the trees, and bring them back to the village as toys for their children. As time went on these simple wooden horses were then painted in bright colours inspired by flower patterns painted on furniture and walls in the region.

Clas Ohlson The company began its life in the Dalarna region, so the Dala horse is very special to them. To celebrate their 100th birthday, the company are hosting various events and competitions throughout this year to mark such a milestone.

On Thursday 12th April 2018  between 11am and 2pm Clas Ohlson stores in Ealing and Kingston will be running a free Dala horse decorating workshop...perfect school holiday activity!

So to help celebrate we have been busy decorating our own Dala Horses. The most famous pattern is the red, white, green and blue design.

As you can see we had lots of fun creating our own take on the Dala Horses and it kept my little ones busy for hours. All the paints, glitter, bracelet making kit etc can all be purchased in store. I even created my very own horse and considering its been a decade or so since I picked up a paint brush, I'm pretty proud of my efforts.

So don't forget if you are near Kingston or Ealing, head down to the Clas Ohlson store on Thursday to decorate your on Dala Horse and Help them celebrate their 100th birthday! and of course make sure you check out the online store here.

Happy Decorating!


*this is a sponsored collobarotation with Clas Ohlson. all views and opinions are my own.


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