Chipmunk Winter School Shoe Review*

Finding comfortable, affordable and durable footwear for children is never easy. If your children are anything like mine, you will know how scuffed, marked, dirty and battered your children's shoes can get. Days at the park and running around on the school playground can leave your children's shoes looking like they have seen better days. So its so important not only for our bank accounts but also the health of our children's feet to find the perfect school shoes that will last, support and sustain those long school days.

We were asked by the lovely people from Chipmunks footwear to test out some shoes from their winter school show range. Having purchased chipmunks footwear for my children over the years I was excited for them to test out this range and I can confirm they passed with flying colours.

Elise has been wearing the Trixie Infant shoes, which comes in a variety of colours and are a leather patent material. They are a lovely T Bar buckle shoe with a thick, solid sole which is perfect and a must for a school shoe. I often struggle to find my daughter comfortable footwear as she has quite wide feet and these fit her perfectly and finds them really comfortable. |For me they are the ideal type of school shoe. A lovely design but most importantly comfortable and durable and at a great price. Five days a week and over six hours a day at school is a lot for little feet, so I think its so important for them to have supportive and comfortable footwear to support their ever growing feet. We cant recommend the Trixie Infant shoe enough.

My Charlie is what you would call your typical boy. Always running, kicking a ball and jumping in just about any puddle he can find. Again finding footwear, other than wellies to protect his feet from water, mud you name it can be difficult. He has been testing out the Ranch Infant boot which I adore. Not only can they be an every day casual shoe for pre school/nursery but they can be dressed up for a more special occasion too. Like Elise's shoes, they too are leather and have a heavy duty sole which is great for Charlie who is constantly on his feet running, jumping and kicking balls. These too can be purchased in other colours and get a big thumbs up from us. 

As you can tell they are pretty happy with their new shoes. You can shop the full range of Chipmunk footwear here. If you are wanting long lasting, comfortable footwear that supports your active and ever growing children do check out this fantastic brand.  I'm looking forward to what the spring footwear range will bring.

Thanks for reading.

Natasha x

* these shoes were gifted in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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