Pregnancy and life update!

Well its been a while. My plan to post weekly pregnancy updates failed and I haven't written a blog post just for myself in quite sometime. Life has been pretty hectic recently. As this is my last pregnancy I really want to record the memories so I can look back and help any other women going through similar things. So I thought I would do a little update on what has been going on.

So as I write this I am currently 27 + 3 days pregnant which is insane! The weeks are really starting to fly by. I have been doing some pregnancy updates on my youtube channel which I will leave links to below if you fancy watching. I have really been focusing my energy on my channel and growing that and I have loved it. But blogging is how I started and I'm trying to sort a schedule so I can balance the two.

On the whole I have been feeling well this pregnancy. My biggest complaint is SPD and sciatica. Some days the pain is so bad I struggle to walk and use crutches and a support belt ( so glamorous) I suffered this also during my second pregnancy so I know it wont last forever. As I am nearing the end of my second trimester Crazy dreams and erratic mood swings seem to be a regular thing. I cant seem to go a night without dreaming something very unusual and often disturbing. But I'm taking them for what they are. Just dreams even if they are quite upsetting. With my moods I feel like I'm suffering from a split personality disorder some days. I can be on such a high and then an all time emotional low within a matter of hours. My poor family don't know how to take me some days. But that's all part and parcel of pregnancy. My body is changing daily to accommodate this little being inside me so of course its going to do odd things to you.

The plus side of this being my third pregnancy is the knowledge I have! I know all this isn't permanent and there is an end in sight, even if that end feels like light-years away some days. It wont be long before I am holding that baby girl in my arms and looking back at past bump photos and missing it. So I'm dong my best to embrace the good the bad and the ugly moments of pregnancy.

In other news... we have bought a house!!! After the most stressful property sale known to man, we completed on the sale of our first home together at the end of the summer. We hadn't anticipated buying again so soon, but the other option for us wasn't one we wanted to do, so buying and staying in this area for stability for our children was the ideal situation. It may not be a forever home or the biggest home, but its ours! Its so far going well and we hope to be in, in just a few weeks. So plenty of time to get organised before baby and spend our first Christmas in our new family home and our last as a family of four!

So as you can see its been a little hectic round here, not to mention rich working away a lot amongst all this chaos...joys of military life! But we never do things by halves in this family. If were going to do something were going to go all out, so moving house and giving birth within 8 weeks of each other seemed a like a pretty good challenge to take on!...wish me luck!

Anyway enough waffle. I have tried to dedicate some set hours in the week for my channel and blog so that I can remain as consistent as possible and so these updates will be more regular. I cant wait to share all things home related once were in and of course my beautiful little bundle when she is here.

As ever thank you much for reading and for all the love and support I receive across all my social media. It really means the world.

Natasha x

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