15-16 week pregnancy update

Weeks 15-16 of pregnancy have been pretty similar. The sickness seems to have gone **touches all the wood, and my energy levels are getting a little better. I would say my biggest complaint is sciatica and SPD. There have been days where the simple task of rolling over in bed or walking u the stairs causes me excruciating pain. I had this during my second pregnancy but it seems to have got worse earlier on thus time round. I'm hopeing that investing in some sort of support belt will help, so if you have any recommendations (other than the huge one the nhs give) please throw them my way!

I have been feeling more flutters each day. Mainly last thing at night and first thing in the morning before I get up. It really is the best thing ever and just gives that little reassurance that baby is doing okay.

Last but by no means least the most exciting thing that has happened these past couple of weeks is finding out that baby is a GIRL! You can read all about that here.

I am still craving all the sweet things and orange juice! I cant get enough of the stuff. I am strting to regain my appetite for meat back but I cant seem to stomach it more than a couple of times a week.

So all in all a good couple of weeks and as difficult as it can be being pregnant, I'm trying to embrace all the weird and wonderful things my body is doing.

Thanks for reading.

Natasha x

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