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Most of us have read "that article" in the daily mail about how we are striving to be the number one slummy mummy. I'm aware I'm going to be one of many bloggers writing my own thoughts and feelings on the topic, and mine will probably fall at the waste side, but there were a few things I wanted to say.

I will hold my hands up and admit, and lets be honest we all have...judged another mother for one reason or another. Usually its judgment based on a situation I have not yet found myself in and then when I have I have thought "holy crap no wonder she dealt with it in that manner, or did this" etc. If mummy bloggers like hurrah for gin and the unmumsey mum have taught us anything it is that its okay to have a moan about being a mum, its okay to find it hard and not get it right all the time. Oh and totally acceptable to feed your kid fish fingers! I think the judgment of fellow mothers comes from a need to feel like we always have to get it right. That we always have to have one up on other mothers and that we have to have it together all the time. That is how our mothers and grandmothers were told to raise their children. Act like you have it all together and that being a mother is all Pinterest crafting sessions ( I know Pinterest didn't exist then but you get my drift) pristine homes and well behaved children who eat nothing other than home made goods and organic fruit and veg. Don't get me wrong if you are this mother, more power to you! But for the majority of us mums motherhood is hard. Its filled with days that are wonderful and happy. Full of first smiles, first steps and first words. But then there are days where it is filled with endless crying, endless tantrums and begging and pleading for them to eat just one pea off their dinner plate.

For me knowing there are other mums out there who hide in the loo, feed their kids fish fingers and drink wine whilst hiding behind the fridge door having a sob makes me feel like I'm doing a good job! That I'm not the only one struggling and have good and bad days with my children. I don't feel alone. I feel part of a team, a tribe of women who are all just doing the best they can. For me these women don't need to write pages and pages declaring there love for their children because I know how they feel about their children because they are mums.

Being a mother is something that is instinctual, its primal and comes from the heart. I like all the fellow mums know there isn't ANYTHING we wouldn't do for our children. We pace the floors during the night to stop them crying, we lay awake worrying when they are poorly with a fever and give them kisses and cuddles when they have nightmares, because we are mums...that's what we do.

We may all do it differently and have different views but some things unite us all. We all have good and bad days and we all love our children. I feel proud to be a mother not because of how fantastic my children are, but because I'm a mother at a time where its okay to say this mum gig is tough and knowing that when I do there is a whole tribe of women who are there to say "yes it is but your smashing it...we all are"

Natasha x


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