One down...Four to go | Deployment

We have  made it through the first month of deployment. yaaay!! and when I say "made it" I mean just about made it. These past 5 weeks having been noting short of horrific. I have had several visits to the out of hours doctors, GP surgery, the pharmacy, A&E and even a visit form the paramedics. If I have to deal with one more ear infection, chest infection, wipe a nose, hear a cough, give antibiotics for scarlet fever as well as all the illnesses ive just mentioned, catch vomit in my hands or change sick covered sheets, I may loose the actual plot!!!

I've never known anything like it, Charlie is prone to chest infections and Elise with her throat, but they really have been taking the biscuit these past 5 weeks. I genuinely believe the New born  days were easier compared to what I have endured this past month. Not having someone there for support is hard and hats off to all you single mums out there and especially those without family near by! Its a tough gig this solo parenting malarkey.

Clearly the dog didn't think I had enough to contend with so has also decided to put his two cents in and has chewed up 3 pairs of shoes, an ice pack, you know the ones that you stick in your lunch bag to keep everything chilled, he decided to chew it and drink the liquid from it. Thankfully he was fine. He has taken a liking to peeing and pooping on my lounge floor and flat out refuses to go outside if its wet and raining. For a Labrador he's a bit of a pansy.

I have left my keys in the front door over night for any tom, dick or harry to walk in. Forgotten several appointments, sent E in to school without a snack on several days or told her the wrong school menu option, causing an absolute meltdown from her because I got it wrong. Got the wrong day for parents evening (although that was rich's fault he wrote the date down wrong) and generally failed at most things parenting related, read my post here about failing at life.

There have been a few good days in between the bad but the first month was never going to be easy. Its a big adjustment not just for me but the kids too. I've sadly had to give up work. It wasn't a decision I made lightly and not one I wanted but I will elaborate more on that in an upcoming vlog I will be posting on my YouTube channel (living the mummy life).

So all in all the first month has been a bit sh*t but December brings a hectic and fun filled month so here's too no more vomit, coughing, snotty noses or sore throats for the foreseeable future! Otherwise you may find me hiding in a dark cupboard somewhere drinking wine straight form the bottle!

Natasha x

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