I will do bettter tomorrow...

" I will do better tomorrow" how many of us as parents say this to ourselves, daily, weekly, monthly?
I have lost count on how many times I have said this to myself once the kids are in bed and the chaos of the day is over. I reflect on the day and more often than not I focus on all the things I felt I did wrong or could have done better.

We are often feeling so guilty about things we have or haven't done and make promises to our selves that we will do better tomorrow. I often say, tomorrow I will shout less, I will be more organised, I wont nag as much, I will spend more time playing with them, I will cook a healthier dinner, I will read more with them, I will do more cleaning. the list goes on. Rarely or never do I sit and give myself a pat on the pack and say you did your best, because honestly more often than not I did.

we need to remember or the good and bad days we did and gave the best we could on that particular day and to not judge ourselves badly. life is full of curve balls being thrown at our way and its almost impossible to be doing everything perfectly all the time.

Some days we cook meals from scratch, sit on the floor and do puzzles and bake cakes with out kids and arrive early for ballet class, and other days its McDonalds for dinner, shouting after asking them 645398754 million times to put there shoes on, you arrive at ballet class so late you just about catch the cool down part of the class and there bedtime story consists of you flicking through the book and making it up just to make story time go that bit faster. On both of those "types of days" we need to remember we are doing the best we could on that day and we don't need to be so hard on ourselves because we did our best.

Natasha x


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