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It feels like forever since I sat down and wrote a blog post. I've had work related posts go up but a post that has come from me solely, its been a while. this has been for various reasons. one being that life has just got abit hectic recently with Elise going back to school. I'm struggling to establish a routine since we moved in June and I'm not really sure why. I've very much been a last minute, wing it kind of gal of late and it beginning to affect all areas. I use to meal plan, have set days to food shop, washing, cleaning etc and its all just gone to pot.

I've recently found out Rich will be deploying for 5 months, missing Christmas and string of other events, which is going to be extremely difficult so I really need to establish a good solid routine so I don't become overwhelmed and stressed. Which is exactly how I feel right now. I've taken steps to manage my anxiety and stress, and for anyone who has suffered with either you will know its not an over night thing and will take time to manage but I'm taking baby steps to deal with that.

I've also had a bit of writers block. what do I write? does anyone really care or want to read, do I even care enough to write? or to vlog? which has also fallen by the waste side. But I have to remember why I started this blog. It was something for me, a little hobby, a place to record my children's childhood and memories and share my experiences as a mum to help other mothers feel less alone. If only 5 or 500000 people read my blog posts it doesn't matter. I have to write because I want to and write what I want too.

when I first started blogging I tried to upload on regular days, that didn't end up working and I tried to upload as and when, but again that's not really working either. Its something I enjoy so I need to make time to do it. So in my mission to become a super organised mum, factoring in blogging and vlogging time and uploading on set days is on my list. So when I have got a good routine in place I will be sharing it with you all.

I think once I establish a new routine I will feel a much happier and organised person. I've noticed over the past few months I haven't felt myself and I think not having my old routines in place has contributed to that. I am the only one who can sort this so its time to pull my socks up and crack on.

This is a bit of a random post but I've sat to write, with no idea what to write and this is what has naturally come out. Have you been feeing like me or felt like me? How have you overcome it or got yourself organised? Any tips? I would  love to hear in the comments below.

Natasha x

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